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          Breathable + hydrophobic fabric is the key to effective sweat management

           Lawrence, Houston, TX

"I recently picked up a few Vdri undershirts for trips to Greece and Turkey where packing light was a must.  Unlike another brand
           I tried, they fit snugly and comfortably with sleeves that do not show under short sleeve shirts.  They hand wash without stretching
           and dry quickly -- unlike my cotton undershirts.  Vdri's shirts are highly recommended."

          Mark S., Savannah, GA

          "I really appreciate your products.  My business takes me to many tropical areas of the world to support reforestation and
          bio-crop project development. Vdri Undershirts keep me as comfortable as possible in extremely humid and hot environments,
          and despite 3 years of weekly wear still remain bright white for wear under my casual, business and formal attire."

          Jonathan, San Francisco, CA

"The Vdri v-neck undershirts are perfect!  They feel great, are cut well with good length, and minimize odor.  As an added bonus
           they dry quickly overnight.  Perfect for the minimalist traveler."

           Brandon B., New York, NY

         "I thought it was going to be impossible to find an undershirt that kept the sweat from coming through to my polos,
           but Vdri is the answer."

           Fred C., Montreal, QC

           "I have been wearing Vdri undershirts for over a year now and they are by far the best undershirts I have ever worn.  I wear dress
           shirts every day to work and the Vdri undershirts keep me dry all day while being very comfortable and light weight. They are also
           very easy to clean, dry extremely quickly and never lose they’re shape. They are perfect for sports or simply being outdoors. I
           highly recommend these undershirts to everyone!

Matt S., New York, NY

           ”I bought two Vdri undershirts before a recent trip to Africa. They served me well both in the city under a button-down shirt, and
            also while hiking in the mountains with a backpack. I was able to wash them out in hotel sinks and they would be dry and ready
            to go by morning. They also kept smelling fresh, unlike some other high-tech fabrics I've worn in the past.”

Frank D., San Jose, CA
           “The Vdri undershirt works.  I work in law enforcement and  wear a ballistic vest all day, which creates a real perspiration
            problem.  The Vdri undershirt provides a barrier of protection that keeps me cooler and drier than a standard cotton undershirt,
            and it inhibits sweat from reaching my uniform shirt. It has exceeded my expectations.  This is a great product at a great price.”

Carl, Chicago, IL
           "I love the shirts and wear them everyday.  I am an attorney at a major Chicago law firm, and these shirts are the only means
            I have found to keep my underarms dry and my clothes looking professional.  Thanks for that."

Michael K., Bloomington, IL
           "As a professional firefighter, I appreciate Vdri's ability to go from the office to the fire ground. The crew undershirt maintains its
            great appearance, comfort and style no matter what situation presents itself."

Ken T., Bremerton, WA
           ”I do port assessments in support of visiting Naval ships.  I find myself walking on the piers, climbing around underneath the
            piers.  The Vdri that I got as a gift has not only kept me dry and comfortable on the warmer days, but cool and content on the not
            so warm days. It is the best undergarment I own. Would I buy another - yes!  Great Value, this shirt actually works as advertised.”

John, Fair Oaks, CA
           "The material is exactly what I was looking for.  The wicking is fantastic and the shirt does not restrict the movement of my dress   
           shirts when worn underneath.  Excellent product."

           Dave N. Portland, OR
           ”I always used to wear Nike Dry fit shirts under my dress shirts.  They were just too thick and the arms were too long, but I 
           couldn't find any other undershirt in the stores that were better.  Then my lovely wife found your website and I'm so grateful! 
           I love how they feel and fit and my wife loves how they wash.  Thank you Vdri.”

Ed L., Denver, Colorado
           “I ordered 5 Vdri shirts and need more.  I use them everyday and under all my clothing. They are excellent undershirts, fit true to
           size, and will not shrink or stain like cotton undershirts.” 

           David F., Temecula, CA
           “I have thoroughly enjoyed my Vdri shirts. I was looking for an undershirt that did not make me hot or sweat. I have finally found
           the right undershirt to wear under all my shirts and suits!”

          Bobby B., Honolulu, HI
           ”I first heard about Vdri shirts on "the undershirt guy" blog. I've been looking for a comfortable undershirt that resists staining and
           keeps me dry. I ordered both the crew neck and the v-neck, and I really like them both. I stay comfortable in my dress shirts and
           also wear them occasionally when I work out.”

           Richard G., Chestnut Ridge, NY
           ”At last, I finally found a great-fitting and comfortable undershirt. I have always worn Jockey brand undershirts solely because
           they were available in tall sizes, but I found the mostly - cotton shirts were not that comfortable and too heavy in the warmer
           weather. The Vdri undershirts are perfect for me, they fit and feel much better and are cut slightly longer. At 6’- 2’’ I need the extra
           length.  I truly appreciate the way Vdri undershirts fit. The fabric is the best, it does not shrink, it is very light-weight, and my
           sweat is immediately disposed of instead of absorbing into the fabric and causing that sticky, moist, unpleasant feeling. I also
           purchased a few for my son. Like his father, he is now a loyal customer.”

           B. Wood, San Antonio, TX
           "Technology has advanced beyond the simple cotton t-shirt.  I use high-tech material when I run and bike, why not to the office?"

           James, Moorefield, WV

            "I have worn my Vdri undershirts for over a year. The shirts are very comfortable and keep me dry, whether it be under a t-shirt at
            football tailgates or under my suit in the courtroom. I recommend these undershirts to all businessmen."

Scott, Kirkland, WA
            "Searching the internet for a better undershirt solution, I came across Vdri and took a chance by ordering one.  I'm now a 3
            -time, repeat Vdri customer. The shirts provide comfort and hold up under multiple washings better than normal t-shirts. Prompt
            service and delivery as well. I'll keep coming back." 

            Christopher P., Rochester Hills, MI
             "I love my Vdris.  I have both the crew and v-neck and wear them for every round of golf. They are comfortable, non-binding,
             and NEVER make me perspire."

            Jerry A., Logansport, IN
            "I wear dress shirts and slacks daily for work and always feel more comfortable with an undershirt  under my dress shirts. For
            years I have bought expensive t-shirts from high end department stores... these shirts always fade and shrink up
after a very
            short time.  After this happens they don't stay tucked in, and become very uncomfortable.  A few weeks ago
I did a google search
            for "the world's best undershirt" and the Vdri site was listed on the right hand side. I bought 3 shirts. I love them. They are the
            most comfortable shirts and they DID NOT SHRINK after washing them. Thanks for making these undershirts."

            John M., New York, NY
            "I recently threw out all of my other "outdated" t-shirts and converted over to all Vdri.  I feel sorry for people who still are using
            out-dated cotton t-shirts.  The Vdri are better at keeping me dry and comfortable than any other t-shirt I have tried - both cotton
            and synthetic."  

            Kelly S., West Jordan, UT
            “I started to research t-shirts for my son that is very sensitive to sweating to much.  I came across Vdri and absolutely love
            everything about these shirts.  They breathe easy, super comfortable and most important of all gave my son back the
            confidence he needed.”

            James W., Stamford, CT
            "I tried my new Vdri undershirt this weekend and it's already by far my favorite.  I've tried everything from pima cotton to bamboo
            and this was the best in terms of fit, softness and breathability.  I'm a very picky consumer but there really are no complaints --
            from shirt quality to customer service Vdri is top notch, I just placed an order for two more."

            K. Thomas, Fort Meyers, FL
             "I love my Vdri undershirt.  I have been looking for an undershirt that uses the latest technology, is comfortable and has a low
             enough neckline so that it will not show and Vdri offers all that and more.  Even after several washes the shirt has kept its
             shape and I would recommend this shirt to every man who needs an undershirt."

            David K., Boston, MA
            "I developed a list of criteria for the perfect undershirt and searched multiple retail stores and websites, the only model with
            specifications that met my needs was Vdri: deep V neck, wicking material (no cotton), light weight, cut long, soft feel. The
            product is as good as I had hoped and I could not be happier."

            C. White, Charlotte, NC
            "The Vdri undershirt does exactly what an undershirt should do... breathe! The Vdri undershirt keeps you cool and its lightweight.
            The feel and the look of the v-necks and crew necks is just like cotton undershirts that don't breathe or last too long. There really
            is no comparison between the Vdri undershirt and traditional cotton undershirts."

M. Bodnar, Chicago, IL

            "To me, the fabric you are using is more comfortable than cotton, and it stays drier.  So it's working well for me.  I wear mostly
            collared long sleeve dress shirts to work, so the v neck is what I was looking for."

Tim C., Las Vegas, NV
            "I've found the solution to my problem...It's a Vdri undershirt! I live in the desert...It's hot...I sweat...and my work shirts would
            suffer the consequences. Not any more! Since I found the Vdri under shirts, I no longer worry about raising my hands/arms at
            meetings. :) The Vdri shirt is light enough and so 'breathable' that it doesn't add any "heat" to an already hot situation. I don't
            even know I'm wearing them. Thanks Vdri!"

            G. Taylor, Highlands Ranch, CO
            "I was on the search for a more comfortable undershirt and tried several other makes and models before finding Vdri.
            The fabric you are using is more comfortable and cooler than cotton. I wear mostly collared long sleeve dress shirts to work,
            so I was looking for something comfortable to wear on a daily basis."

           Joyce B., Orlando, FL
            "My husband thoroughly enjoys his new Vdri undershirts. He finds these undershirts lightweight, cool, non-restrictive,
            non-chaffing and he stays dry. They are perfect for any activity including for work under dress shirts and for all outside
            activities such as golf, hiking, etc. They are especially comfortable in Florida’s hot and humid summer weather. Also,
            the shirts are great for travel."

            Greg C., Austin, TX
            "For a work trip in southern Europe, I bought 2 Vdri shirts, as well as 2 athletic shirts of another brand (in black). Over the
            course of a couple of weeks, all shirts were put to the test in 90+ degree temperatures. The Vdri shirts stayed dry and looked
            great, unlike the other shirts. I love your product, and look forward to you offering more colors, so I can replace the rest of my t-

            S. Kahn, Potomac, MD
            "My V-neck Vdri undershirt arrived just in time to test it out during a late August bike club ride in Pennsylvania and it worked
            perfectly. I am accustomed to wearing an undershirt with my bicycle jersey, and usually wear a cotton v-neck that is gets soaking
            wet after a while. Vdri was comfortable and dry throughout and helped tremendously since the ride began in the colder early
            morning and took me across open corn fields in the hot sun in the afternoon. Six hours and seventy miles later, I was still dry
            and comfortable."

            Regina H., Allentown, PA
            "My husband always liked string undershirts (no, boys, not the one you buy today, but the ones you were able to get a Marks & 
            Spencer 40 years ago),but unfortunately, none have been available in years. I was frantic looking for something that would
            breathe. The Vdri shirt is very breathable and, believe it or not, my husband has finally relented and agreed that this is as good
            as it gets."

            N. Radovich, Seattle, WA
            "I’ve been looking for a high quality undershirt for some time.  The undershirt should always be out of site protecting your
            clothes and stretch with you.  I’ve compared your Vdri to offerings from Jockey, Stafford, Coolmax  and Calvin Klein and there
            is no contest. I wanted something with a generously cut v-neck and shorter sleeves and the Vdri delivered. The stylish tight
            seams are a bonus."

            W. Bucher, Park City, Kentucky
            "I came across Vdri shirts while searching for a poly mesh shirt to wear while backpacking because even when doing only
            light hiking with a day pack, my back becomes quickly soaked, no matter what the weather.  After trying a couple of Vdri’s,
            I ordered again, and I am about to place my third order.  I am phasing out the cotton tee shirts I have “stuck with” for over 50
            years.  Not only are Vdri’s  perfect for travel (lightweight, low bulk, quick dry), and do an outstanding job of dissipating sweat
            when walking or hiking, they feel so good on the skin that I am wearing them daily, under dress shirts and casual shirts."

            M. Leyes, Lawrenceville, GA
            "My v-neck vdri shirt is light and lets me breathe.  I noticed a difference wearing it right away. I'll be back for more!"

            Chris B., Rochester, MI
            "I was looking for a quick dry undershirt for outdoor, summer activities - primarily golf. I wore my Vdri undershirts this past
            summer and found them to be the perfect solution - quick drying, odor resistant, and smooth fitting with no interference to
            the golf swing."

            A. Morbey, Minneapolis, MN
            "The vdri undershirt is light and soft and wears comfortably. Cool in warm weather, warm
            enough in cool weather, something easy to pack and to clean for a trip."

            Tim J., Lake Oswego, OR
            "The fit is perfect and doesn't come un tucked. It generally feels cooler than regular undershirts, especially when traveling.
            They also don't shrink, get dingy or start to smell odd over time like traditional cotton. I highly recommend them."

Bruce E. Los Angeles, CA
            ”I had searched for months and months for the perfect undershirts for travel to hot, humid weather. I am now on my second
            order of Vdri V-neck undershirts as I have found them the best most breathable undershirts ever. I not only travel with them but
            wear them everyday under dress shirts for work in all weather. I HIGHLY recommend Vdri undershirts.”

            Alex C., New York, NY
            ”Vdri undershirts are great whether you're sweating or not. They feel cooler on the skin than cotton, and are also much more
            breathable. Some other "cool and dry" shirts I've worn feel rough and uncomfortable but Vdri shirts always feel great underneath
            a shirt of any kind. Ordering is very easy and shipping was prompt. Excellent all around!”

            Dan J.  Rockwall, TX
            ”This product is "all its cracked up to be"...smooth, dry, shape retaining, light weight, and quick drying.  I purchased these
            undershirts for travel and now enjoy them for daily wear especially under golf shirts.”

            Eric A., Berkeley, CA

            "I suffer from Hyperhydrosis (severe underarm perspiration), and have tried a number of products. From "sweatproof"
            cotton tees, to prescription antiperspirants. Nothing has worked until I tried Vdri. I wear it over my cotton undershirt, and
            it prevents wet-thru to my outer layer of clothing. They also fit and feel great!"

            Vic J., Des Peres, MO
            ”I use your T-shirts while hunting ducks in Missouri. Going to Texas after Christmas. Will use them there as well.  We get pretty
            sweaty while setting up decoy spreads. I just ordered more. The t-shirts breathe well under our heavy hunting clothing.”

            Terrill V., New Haven, CT
            ”For my whole life is suffered with dryer-shrunk cotten undershirts. They were always pulling out of my waist. Then I heard
            of Vdri, and bought  two, then another two. Unlike with cotton, I never feel clammy after I sweat.”

            Mark F., Eugene, OR
            ”By far the best undershirt I’ve ever worn. Great in both hot or cold weather! I would not hesitate to recommend this garment
            to anyone.”

            Richard S.  Laguna Niguel, CA
            ”I have used my Vdri undershirts when I travel to far off exotic places where I have to decide if I take extra clothes or back up
            photo equipment. Since my Vdri undershirts can be washed in the sink and dry overnight, I have room for that extra photo gear.”

David G., Boca Raton, FL
            ”I had been looking for this type of V-neck t-shirt for years.  One day my neighbor tells me about Vdri, when he ordered,
            I got 3, and have been wearing only these t-shirts ever since. They are the most comfortable and effective t-shirts around.”

            Brian C., North Huntingdon, PA
            ”These are the best t-shirts I've ever bought, and I've tried a bunch.  The fabric feels great and keeps you dry. I'll never go
            back to cotton!”

            James F., Springfield, VA
            “The Vdri undershirts prevent my sweat from soaking through to the outer shirt.  The shirts dry quickly, so I'm not walking
            around all day with sweaty pits.  Also, they wash easily by hand and dry quickly, so I can travel with fewer cloths.”

            Marcus H., Audubon, PA
            ”My wife bought me these shirts. They are truly amazing. I always had issues with sweat showing on my shirts. But even on a
            warm summer day these shirts are holding up. Thanks so much for making these.”

            Curt S., Los Altos, CA
            "I have been wearing Vdri V-neck style undershirts for nearly six months now, and I will never go back to cotton.  Your shirts
            are great: they keep me dry and comfortable, they stay flat under any type of shirt I wear, they pack small in a suitcase, and they
            are extremely durable. I wear one virtually every day of the week (I own six, so I never run out). Thanks for making a great product.”

            Peter F., Houston, TX
            ”I love my Vdri V-necks.  They're cut low enough that you don't see them and keep me cooler than other brands I've tried. 
            Great for office attire during the warm summer months in the Gulf Coast.”

            Eric B., Fairfax, VA
            “I ordered several VDRI undershirts and like them a lot.  I tend to perspire a lot and when I found these undershirts on the
            Internet I bought them and use them every day.”

            Fred S., Chesapeake, VA
            ”I must admit, when my wife ordered the Vdri undershirt for me, I didn't believe it was as good as she claimed. After wearing the
            Vdri over 12 hour shifts at the hospital, it is the best undershirt that I have ever owned. I am forever sold on Vdri.”

            Erik L., Charlotte, NC
            ”I purchased several Vdri undershirts.  They feel great.  They are light weight and feel soft to the skin. I have been very satisfied
            with my purchase.”

            Nat M., Brisbane, Australia
            ”After years of searching I have finally found the undershirt that keeps me dry! I live in Australia and frequently travel to Asia
            where it is hot and humid. With normal shirts they soak right through but with vdri I am kept dry all day long without any unwanted
            odours! Sometimes when it is really hot i wear my vdri as a t-shirt to keep me cool.”

            Charles S., Sacramento, CA
            ”I am writing to you about your incredible undershirt!!  I have always had an issue with excessive sweating, but this year
            (because of aging and medications) my situation has definitely worsened, with the Vdri undershirt as the only solution... During
            the summer months, while everyone else around me seemed warm (even uncomfortable) my shirt would be spotted with
            sweat - or even soaked - until I tried your product.  After wearing the Vdri undershirt, I would definitely recommend it (which I've
            done several times) to anyone who has ever had an issue like mine. I've always worn shirts a bit larger than I need, for airflow
            between it and the undershirt.  But now with Vdri, I don't need to worry about that - I can finally wear a size-large shirt with a size-
            large undershirt.  Thank you for your incredible product, now I'll never have to worry about sweaty-shirt issues again!”   

            Jeff V., Decatur, GA

            ”I love my new VDRI undershirts!  I have looked for a while for the perfect undershirt that combines performance with comfort. 
            VDRI is that perfect combination!”

            Troy P., Wellesley, MA
            ”I love my Vdri undershirts. I won't wear anything else now.”

            Todd E., Greenville, SC
            ”I looked everywhere for a dri-fit undershirt that could be worn under my work shirts daily. Not only did I find it, but I will never
            purchase any other undershirts than Vdri.”

            Mickael C., Montreal, QB
            ”I used to have problems wearing regular tshirts. I played around in Google and found Vdri so I decided to order one and try it.
            It works great, I don't have sweat / odor problems anymore :) I ordered a few more for each day of the week :)”


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